About GTI Trading Floor

Trading Floor Delivered

  • Fifty (50) seat Trading floor in a secured environment in the heart of the business district of Lagos with a scalable capacity of One Hundred and Fifty (150) users.
  • Provision of state of the art trading facility with interconnectivity to the Nigerian Stock Exchange and capabilities for other FIX enabled Exchanges.
  • Interconnectivity with settlement agents and banks for straight through processing of transactions.
  • Interactive platform for Market Interaction and Education on the Trading Floor.
  • Fully functional FIX custom built real time OMS portal for transaction execution with the Nigeria Stock Exchange for both local and foreign players.
  • Robust Risk Management and compliance functions embedded in the system architecture
  • Automated back office processing integrated to the payment systems.
  • Robust Customer portal for market information, investor education and direct interaction with the market.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery process.
  • Concurrent connection ability of 150 users (100 Remote connections and 50 Trading Terminals).
  • Multiple company / Multiple broker trading capabilities.
  • Enhanced Control Function of what brokers can do given to the Chief Dealer / MD (Firm Manager).
  • Risk Management / Control database for easy addition of new controls.
  • Comprehensive Payment System with dedicated bank account for each broker.
  • Comprehensive Multiple company Stock brokering Back office / IFRS Compliant General ledger.
  • Meeting Rooms / Conference Facilities with Internet Access.
  • Highly enhanced Research Capabilities available to brokers and their clients.

Our Vision

“ To be the best service provider for capital market operators and users of the Nigerian Market”

Our Mission

  • Create a unique trading facility that would remarkably enhance trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
  • Create a technologically driven platform for capital market activities (Physical and Electronic) with the aim of deepening the market.
  • Create world standard infrastructure to provide connectivity to various exchanges as a service (connect to GTI, connect to Nigerian Markets) for both local and foreign players.
  • Create an infrastructure that would link to the world exchanges (Globalization).
  • Create a platform for market price discovery and data mining for research.
  • Create a platform for Capital formation and trading in multiple asset classes.
  • Platform Transparent / Accountable / Auditable / Risk Managed Environment for all capital market activity.