The GTI Trading Floor is a fifty (50) seat floor with an expansion capability of one hundred and fifty (150) users fully equipped with the state of the art computer and communication equipment’s in a secured location in the business district of Lagos. Here is why we are preferred:

  • Melting point for Capital Market Transactions Generation (Local and Foreign)
  • Trading on multiple exchanges using the FIX interface
  • Trading multiple asset class
  • Constant Innovation and creativity via this platform
  • Technology Driven Environment
  • 24/7 Operations


Through Smart

Get an opportunity to be part of GTI’s Billionaires Club - taking part in bridging finance, book building, capital formation, capital structuring/reconstruction, financial advisory services.

Thinking Capital Market in Nigeria? Think GTI

Connect to new possibilities. Get access to the first Trading floor in Sub-Saharan Africa. The floor provides everything you need for capital market operations in the Nigerian market.

Robust Database

Brokers and all it's clients information is readily available on our super-charged database

High Performance

Effective Controls/Monitoring of in-built alter systems (both electronic and manual)

Risk Management

Our state-of-the-art trading floor accepts full liability for trades done on the floor

Direct Access

Get direct access to the markets of the world on our trading floor using our trading software

Our Products

Whatever your investment strategy, GTI Trading Floor offers a comprehensive range of products, including GTI Prime Broker, GTI Broker Plus, GTI Proprietary Plus, GTI Alliance Plus and many more.

GTI Info

A product for Data / News / Rating Agencies that provide online market information

GTI Seed

A product dedicated to the real sector of the economy providing the needed capital

GTI Prime

A unique concept that provides a platform for trade execution across multi exchanges

GTI Corporate
Exchange Direct

A product for Corporate institutions / Government / Parastatal that have large securities portfolio